Trujillo Peru South Mission

Trujillo Peru South Mission

miércoles, 1 de julio de 2015

Primer Día en la Misión Perú Trujillo Sur

The First Day in the Trujillo Peru Sur Mission
Welcome to the Trujillo Sur Mission.
President and Sister Manuel Rios arrived on 
July 1, 2015
 Their welcoming committee included the new office staff of the Trujillo Sur Mission, and President and Sister Marler of the Trujillo Norte Mission.
 President and Sister came off the plane smiling and ready to begin their new adventure.
It was wonderful to finally meet each other.
from left: Elder Pacheco, Elder Garcia, Elder Talbot, Elder Price, Elder Meaker and Elder Soliz.
In front, Sister and President Rios.
Bienvenidos a Trujillo!

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